Aprender a montar bici nunca fue tan divertido. Enseñamos a los mas peques a ser campeones de vida.

Clases desde 2 años hasta los 6 años.

Ubicación y Horarios

2 – 4 años
~ Martes y Jueves: 3:30-4:30pm

4 – 6 años
~ Martes y Jueves: 4:30-5:30pm

Lugar: BiciCross de Miraflores


1 Clase: S/. 50

8 Clases mes: S/. 300

Level 1

Ready Position, Weight Shift, Track Stand, Manual front wheel lift

Level 2

Power-assisted front wheel lift, Rear wheel lift, covering the brakes, effective braking, cornering

Level 3

Advanced Balance and Coordination Rear wheel lift,  step over, step up, manual drop-off, power-assisted drop-off, cornering fast

Level 4

Pro Balance and coordination , Jump Drop-off, Pumping, absorbing, bunny hop, feeding on the move, cleaving, riding single track

Level 5

Race Balance and coordination , speed and cadence, negotiation rocky sections, riding mud and over roots, power climbing, riding fast in single track

Level 6

Ride Fast and safe in All conditions