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Race Regulation Machu Picchu Epic

The Trail of the Gods

Race Regulation Machu Picchu Epic

About the Race

Machu Picchu Epic, is a mountain race, consisting of 5 marathon stages (XCM), which can be race in individual categories (solo) or teams (teams) formed by 2 members.

The competition takes place from October 18 to October 23, 2020 in the department of Cusco. Machu Picchu visit on the 24th, and return to Cusco on the 25.

Participants must be experienced cyclist and should be in good physical condition.


Any person wishing to participate in this race must materialize their registration through the official website. For the registration to be valid, it is mandatory to fill in all the information requested in the form and pay the registration fees and those services that are contracted in parallel.

If you fill out the form and do not make the payment that same day through the payment gateway, link payment and / or bank transfer, your registration will be canceled and you must re-register.

The rates for 2020 for Self Support to Santa Teresa are:

Limit DateQuotaSef Support to Santa Teresa
Bedroom Type  
Service Class  
31 Ene 20 to 20 Feb 2055799
31 Mar 2055830
30 Abr 2055860
31 May 2055890
30 Jun 2055920
31 Jul 2055950
31 Ago 2055980
30 Sept 20551,110

For Full Support Packages to Machu Picchu and night in Aguas Calientes:

Limit DateQuotaFull Support to Machu PicchuFull Support to Machu PicchuFull Support to Machu PicchuFull Support to Machu Picchu
Bedroom Type SharedTwins-TripleTwins-TripleTwins-Triple
Service Class 2234
31 Ene 20 to 29 Feb 20551,5001,6802,2502,600
31 Mar 20551,5301,7102,2802,630
30 Abr 20551,5601,7402,3102,660
31 May 20551,5901,7702,3402,690
30 Jun 20551,6201,8002,3702,720
31 Jul 20551,6501,8302,4002,750
31 Ago 20551,6801,8602,4302,780
30 Sept 20551,7101,8902,4602,810

(*) Quotas are limited to the range described in each price range, once covered even if the deadline has not been reached, the price bracket will change.

(**) Due to the high demand for hotels in Cusco, and the purchase of tickets to Machu Picchu and trains, the organization reserves the right to modify the quotas and / or prices according to the limitations of the place. In their iight even to modify to camps in case the hotels of the zone are filled, with previous warning. Therefore it is recommended if you want to participate in the race, reserve the quota as soon as possible.

Teams must necessarily be made up of two members. On the registration form, indicate the corresponding Team Category, and the name of the Team Partner. The Team couple must complete their own registration form.

In the event that one of the members of the team cannot perform the race for reasons beyond their control, the organization will facilitate access to individual registration, upon request by email to

The registration period begins on November 18, 2019 and ends on September 30, 2020 or once the quotas are exhausted.

The organization suggests participants to have a license for race cycling, issued by a national cycling federation approved by the UCI, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

It is essential to have an international insurance against mountain bike accidents, otherwise the participant must acquire it as an additional product.

Registration implies a set rights according to the package purchased, for more information go to the “Discover our packages” section.

Payment and Cancelation Policy

Refunds will be given according to the following listing:

  1. A refund equivalent to 70% of the total amount of the inscription (without discounts) if a written or email note is received before June 30, 2020.
  2. A refund equivalent to 50% of the total amount of the incription (without discounts) if a written note is received before July 31, 2020.
  3. There will be no refund after July 31, 2020, only quota reservation for year 2021. In the event that the cost of registration for 2021 is higher, the participant must pay the difference. In case it is inferior, there is no exchange between the parties.

For refunds, any type of commission charged by the bank making the transfer will be deducted. The organization is not responsible for the collection of bank fees. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted.

Registration Transfer

Registration transfers to other people are allowed until July 31, 2020. After that date, the ownership change rate is US$ 200 per participant.

Race Considerations

No refunds will be made for cancellation, alteration in all or part of the event.

Due to weather conditions or any other type that prevents the race from being carried out with total safety, the organization may reduce the necessary segments. The reduction of segments, the reduction of the circuit, cancellation of some stage or any other alteration in the sporting event will not lead the organizer to the refund, neither partial nor integral of the registration fee.

In case of any kind of disqualification or abandonment of the race, the registration fee will not be fully or partially refunded.


In case of any kind of disqualification or abandonment of the race, the registration fee will not be fully or partially refunded.

The minimum age to participate in the competition is 18 years. Participants under 18 are only allowed in the case of Team competitions or that the child’s parent or legal representative also compete and go together. In the individual category, the minor would enter Men or Ladies 18-39.

A category is considered official, if it presents at least 5 teams or individual competitors. If the above is not fulfilled, competitors registered in that category will be informed to be integrated into the most appropriate category. There are no returns or refunds for change of category.

The categories are:

Machu 5 days – Solo

The participant will bike the 5 scheduled stages of the race.

  • Pro Open Damas
  • Solo Ladies 18 – 39
  • Solo Ladies 40 – 49
  • Solo Ladies 50 and more
  • Pro Open Varones
  • Solo Men 18 – 39
  • Solo Men 40 – 49
  • Solo Men 50 – 59
  • Solo Men 60 and more

Machu 5 days – Teams

El equipo correrá las 5 Etapas programadas de la carrera.

  • Team Open Men
  • Mixed Open Team

Picchu 3 days – Solo

Participants will run Stages 01 – 03 – 05. Stages 02 and 04 will be mobilized with the planned tour for the race.

  • Solo Ladies 18 – 39
  • Solo Ladies 40 – 49
  • Solo Ladies 50 and more
  • Solo Ladies Open E-Bike
  • Solo Men 18 – 39
  • Solo Men 40 – 49
  • Solo Men 50 – 59
  • Solo Men 60 and more
  • Solo Men Open E-Bike

There will be no teams category for Picchu 3 days.

Companion Package

Participants can bring their friends, family and / or technical support. The broker who wants to buy a Companion Pack can do it through the website.

Chaski Service

Chaski’s service are elite athletes, trained in first aid and basic mechanics. They will guide you, carry what you need, etc.

Chaski’s service includes shared accommodation for the Chaski and all career services as any participant, but he/she does not qualify as a racer for the category or in the general category.

TAMBOS (Hotel) & Base Camp

The race will have a Departure and Arrival zone located in different parts of Cusco, in which the competitors will lodge in different hotels (tambos) according to the package acquired during the 7 days of the organization of the race.

There will also be the Base Camp in each City of Rest (Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Quillabamba, Santa Teresa), in which the Briefing, Buffet Service, Bicycle Nursery, Medicine Zone, Bike Laundry, Physiotherapy Zone, will be held among other.

The organization is not responsible for the transfer between the hotel and the Base Camp (mostly 10 minutes walk).

The Base Camp in Cusco will be ready on October 18, 2020.

Bike Nursery

At each stage you can leave your bike at each Base Camp, so we recommend you have a lock for your bike. We will open each Base Camp at 7:00 am. To receive your bike, it is necessary to show your credential and / or bracelet with the competitor’s number.

Once your bike is left at Base Camp, you will not have access to it again, until the next day at 7:00 am.


The briefing will be held for all participants at 6:00 p.m. The stage to be disputed will be reviewed and we will informe of unforeseen changes in the development of the competition. The technical talk is mandatory for all participants.

Registration & Race Kit

The registration in Cusco opens on Sunday, October 18, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Base Camp of the organization.

Plates are assigned based on each category in order of registration.

An identification bracelet will be given to each participant at the registration table, which must be carried throughout the race. This bracelet grants access to the areas enabled for runners and is also useful as a security measure.

An electronic device for the time control that all participants must carry with them during the race and return once it is finished will be delivered to the registration table.

Race Development and Results

Once the stage is finished, the classification of the stage and the general classification are published on the official website and on the bulletin board.

The start of all stages, are in platoon.

The starting grid opens twenty (20) minutes before the start time.

The members of each team must complete the entire race together and with a maximum difference of 2 minutes between them throughout the entire course.

If a team reaches the end of a stage, any passing control or is seen by a Judge anywhere on the course with an interval of more than 2 minutes difference between its members, receives a penalty of five (5) minutes (per each time the rule is breached), added to the time of the member who came second.

Each step control, intersection control, Colca (refreshment point), departure and arrival has a maximum time of passage, at which time the service is closed. Participants and / or teams must roll within this time interval so as not to be disqualified. The time to reach these points is announced on the board of the race.

Completing the tour with means other than the individual physical effort of the participant and their own bicycle means the team is disqualified. Team members can push or pull each other, as long as there is no physical / mechanical device that connects them or their bicycles.

Any unlawful assistance involves the disqualification of the team.

Participants who cease to be officially classified can continue to participate in the test in a recreational way as long as they do not influence the development of the race. Failure to comply with this rule implies the expulsion of the test, without the possibility of continuing in it.


The race is played in 5 stages whose venues and stages are:

  • 19 Octubre 2020 – Stage 1
  • 20 Octubre 2020 – Stage 2
  • 21 Octubre 2020 – Stage 3
  • 22 Octubre 2020 – Stage 4
  • 23 Octubre 2020 – Stage 5

The route is duly marked with signs, especially at dangerous points, such as crossings, road intersections or streets.

The route is open to traffic but properly controlled. Riders must follow the directions of the traffic authorities and ride with caution. On public roads, cyclists must remain in the right lane.

The race includes demanding climbs and descending technical sections. It is the participant’s responsibility to decide if he can overcome it on the bike. The organization is not responsible for accidents related to each participant’s ability or fitness level.

During the tour two types of controls are established: step control (CP) and intersection control (CI).

Omitting a step control means disqualification.

Failure to follow the instructions of an intersection control means disqualification.Leaving the route marked by the organization means disqualification. Competitors must at all times follow the route properly marked. If by mistake, the competitor or team takes a wrong route, they must return to the correct route at the same point where they left.


For safety reasons the start can be controlled. In this case, the Race Director leads the participants in an official vehicle. When the Race Director arrives at the end of the section, he moves aside and indicates the end of the controlled game.

During the neutralization it is forbidden to overtake the official race vehicle of the Tour Director.


The colqas (refreshment zone) are marked along the route and at the end of each stage. These points have everything necessary to meet the needs of food and hydration of the runners during the stage.

The organization will make available to the participants a basic mechanical service located in some Colqas. Please consider that we do not offer technical support at all control points, however at the base camp we have independent suppliers that will give you free technical support to solve easy mechanical problems, in case of major problems there will be a service charge.


The route is marked with lime or plaster. The use of GPS is mandatory.

The distance is indicated every ten kilometers, just as the last 5 km are indicated.


The Judges, Tour Director and Career Director, may decide that a section of the route is impracticable and impossible to pass, whether due to weather or other issues, and may divert the route through the points provided by the organization.

If this is not possible, the point where the last time control is taken is taken as the arrival time.


Depending on the characteristics of the stage, maximum passing times will be established and this will be communicated by the organization the day before the stage during the briefing or technical talk.

Any cyclist or team that has not crossed the finish line at that time may be evacuated by the organization. In case you want to continue the stage it is your responsibility, but you will stop entering the rankings or be eligible to receive a prize.


El abandono de uno o de los dos miembros del equipo debe ser comunicado tan pronto como sea posible a la organización.

La organización determinará puntos donde los participantes podrán comunicar el abandono así como también se les informará de un número de teléfono donde poder notificarlo.

No notificar un abandono supone la expulsión de la carrera del equipo afectado.

En caso de accidente o emergencia, y salvaguardando la seguridad de los participantes, la organización tiene el derecho de retirar a un participante de la carrera.

En el caso de que alguno de los corredores integrantes de un equipo abandone, el compañero podrá continuar la carrera. Este último no optará a la clasificación general pero si podrá ser considerado finisher.


Las clasificaciones de cada etapa se realizan de acuerdo al tiempo invertido para completar cada una, para la categoría equipos se contabilizará el último tiempo de los dos miembros del equipo, más las penalizaciones de tiempo acumuladas.

La suma del tiempo de las etapas disputadas, más las penalizaciones de tiempo acumuladas, establecen la clasificación general.

Todos los participantes portarán el dispositivo electrónico para registrar sus tiempos y poder realizar un seguimiento de ellos. Los Jueces deben aprobar estos tiempos para que los resultados sean considerados válidos


Cada etapa cuenta con una entrega de premios para cada categoría. Sólo los tres primeros equipos y/o participantes vencedores de la etapa y los equipos líderes son llamados al podio

En la entrega de premios final, se tomará en cuenta la clasificación final.

La Bicicleta

Las bicicletas deben estar en óptimo estado, tanto en características técnicas como en seguridad.

No se permite a los participantes cambiar sus bicicletas.

Las bicicletas tándem no están permitidas.

El Equipamiento

Es obligatorio competir con la placa entregados por la organización. La placa debe colocarse en la parte delantera de la bicicleta. El dispositivo electrónico para el control de tiempos tampoco se puede modificar y debe ir colocado donde lo indique la organización.

Los equipos líderes de la clasificación general de su categoría deben vestir el maillot, tricota o jersey de líder, entregado por la organización.

Por motivos de seguridad se recomienda llevar teléfono móvil.

También es recomendable (pero no obligatorio) que los miembros de un equipo mantengan uniformidad en su vestimenta durante todas las etapas.

En determinadas etapas puede ser necesario llevar ropa de abrigo. La organización no provee estas prendas a los participantes.

La organización no se hace responsable de ningún objeto perdido u olvidado a lo largo del recorrido o en el transcurso de la prueba de ningún participante.

La organización no se hace responsable de ninguna avería ni reparación de la bicicleta que pueda suceder en el transcurso de la prueba.

La organización pondrá puntos de mecánica básicos.


Todo participante deberá marcar los geles, y cualquier tipo de alimentos incluyendo las botellas con su número de participante. 30 minutos antes del inicio de cada Etapa, los Jueces, Director de Carrera o personal encargado revisarán aleatoriamente el marcado. En caso de encontrar insumos sin marcar, el participante será automáticamente descalificado de la competencia, no pudieron realizar la partida.

Que prohibo botar los geles y/o cualquier insumo dentro de la carrera. En caso de encontrar algún insumo, el participante será descalificado.

Los Jueces pueden descalificar a cualquier equipo que no respete el medio ambiente o las propiedades privadas que se atraviesan durante la prueba, expulsándoles de la prueba sin posibilidad de continuar en ella.


Las reclamaciones deben ser formalmente dirigidas a los Jueces por escrito (email). Inscribirse a esta carrera implica aceptar y cumplir con el presente reglamento, así como aceptar la ley de protección de datos y política de cancelación.


Cualquier participante puede ser sometido a un control antidopaje.

Todos los participantes deben ser respetuosos con los otros participantes, jueces, miembros de la organización, medios de comunicación y público. Las agresiones, falta de respeto u otras actitudes no correspondidas pueden ser sancionadas con la expulsión inmediata de la carrera.

Los Jueces pueden descalificar a cualquier corredor o equipo que no respete estas consideraciones, expulsándoles de la prueba sin posibilidad de continuar en ella.

Todos los participantes ceden sus derechos de imagen a la organización, pudiendo utilizar cualquier fotografía o vídeo donde aparezcan.

La organización no se hace cargo de los gastos ni deudas en las que pueda incurrir un participante en el transcurso del evento.

Por razones de seguridad se podrá alterar el trazado del circuito de cada una de las etapas hasta el mismo día de la carrera.

Si es necesario y bajo circunstancias graves, la organización se reserva el derecho, sin previo aviso y con el fin de garantizar el correcto desarrollo y la seguridad de la prueba tanto para participantes como organizadores, de retrasar la hora de salida, modificar el horario, y/o modificar o cancelar una etapa. Así mismo, bajo circunstancias ajenas a la organización, en caso de cancelación de la carrera, no se reembolsara el importe de la inscripción.

Al registrarse, los participantes deben ser conscientes de los riesgos y peligros asociados a este tipo de eventos especiales y aceptar libre y voluntariamente y asumiendo completamente los riesgos, peligros y la posibilidad de accidentes personales, muerte, daño o pérdida.